Haircut to be trendy in 2017

New Year, it is also time for the new you. There is nothing more refreshing to your look than your hairstyles. Let’s jump in with us this week to whether you have had the right haircut for a fashionable year ahead.

2016 had been a whirlwind year for men hair style. The ever popularity of undercut has brought it from an underground trend into the mainstream spotlight. It seems that men have found more ways to express themselves via unique hairstyles. The sky seems to be the limit now with all styles imaginable.

There are two main trends, though. One for those who seek romantic, timeless style. Think modern Prince Charming. One for the daring who would like to take a more rebellious, edgy figure.

The Classic Trends

Medium length cut with natural flow

Medium cut natural flow

This trend is forever classy as long as you have nice lush hair.  It goes with almost every facial feature and much easy to maintain.

Classic Pompadour

Don’t shy away from this style thinking that you need perfect hair for it. It is actually the opposite. This is an ideal hair to mask your imperfect locks by adding extra products for forming and styling.

Unlike Elvis Presley who needed a solid top, you can loosen the top to create a more accessible, everyday look.

The Rebellious Trends

Surgical Part

surgical parts

The advanced hair technology has broken all the limits of imagination. The undercut has evolved into surgical parts which can style in so many unique ways.

A note of caution for these styles, though. It would not convince your clients and colleagues in a more traditional environment, think law or banking. However, if you work in a more casual environment such as a creative agency. Style yourself away!

Bald Under with Pompadour

surgical pompadour

If you want to balance between rebellion and classics. This is the one. The expressive top creates the illusion of your height while the bald undercut gives a wild effect.

Buzz Cut and Disconnected Beard

disconnected beard

We have a section dedicated to buzz cut for its versatile nature. It is a sweet spot if you can’t decide between being a rebel or being romantic. With caution and skills of a stylist, it can look good for any working environment while still give you a unique look.

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