How to look like Sarah al Wazzan for a day

The classic beauty of Sarah Al Wazzan is quite a dream. At age of 34, she seems to get everything- 4 beautiful kids, an investment operation run with her father, her own fashion business, and of course an impeccable sense of style.

Sarah Al Wazzan 1

We want to show you how to style yourself like Sarah for a day. And perhaps if it feels right, Sarah’s could become your permanent style.

Own something Chanel

Sarah Al Wazzan

Sarah has been a loyal support of the brand as Chanel’s ethos fits her classic, elegant style. A good item to own is the iconic Chanel tweed jacket. It is chic enough for you to show up at a formal meeting, yet fluid enough to style for an outing with friends.

Get a Radiant Smile Ready

There are many beautiful women out there, the most beautiful ones are with a radiant smile. A photo tip for your smile. Think of a sweet memory, imagine a dear friend appearing out of thin air. That radiant smile would naturally come out no matter where you are and how you may actually feel.

Neutral Makeup, Plum Lips

This set of makeup style works in so many different ways. It makes you look feminine, mysterious effortlessly.  If you always feel short of time for your makeup, this should be your choice. You only need a dark shade of eyeshadow, and a neutral lip color in plum, dark burgundy or black cherry.

Black is her favorite color

She loves black and does not shy away from black-on-black outfits. Some may think that black is a difficult color to master especially for some shades of complexion. It is true. You may look tired and intimidating in black. Let’s learn from the pro, though: Sarah’s secret to tame the black color is to mix in cute silver accessories or different textures.

Keep her natural, luscious locks

Sarah Al Wazzan 3

As you may have noticed already, Sarah is very much loyal to her long, luscious hair locks. She either keeps it loose effortlessly or ties a bun decorated with fashion trinkets.

This is our favorite thing about Sarah as this style is easy simple and it works. Who could take eyes off such beautiful hair?

Don’t buy everything yourself

As a busy mom of four with multiple business interests, Sarah managed to look flawless still. You should know how:  she does not do everything herself. She shops through boutique representatives of her favorite brands.

You don’t need to be a fashion blogger. Our personal service shopping would offer a similar service.


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